1. Privacy Policy


Data Collected

The only data we collect and retain from you is restricted to the name of the plot holder, the email address of the purchaser and the postal address to which the plot is sent. We keep electronic records of these against the plot reference numbers allocated to plot owners for administrative and records purposes.

Third Parties and Security
Land Sales Direct guarantees that any information supplied by you to us will be treated with complete confidentiality. We will never, at any time or for any reason, give your details to any third party.  

Accessing your own Data
You have the right at any time to request us to inform you of the data we hold about you

We use cookies on our website to enable you to log in and access your digital documents. This is necessary to ensure that only you have access to your plot documents. By using this website, you agree that this cookie can be saved onto your computer so that you can log in securely. We stress that this is the only cookie that will be saved onto your computer as a result of using this website, and will only be used for the purpose outlined above and not for the purpose of collecting data.  

2. Delivery

Land Sales Direct Ltd will endeavour to ensure that the Bandrum Plot product is dispatched within 4 working days from the receipt of order and the expiration of the 24 hour' confirmation of purchase' details, However delays over which we have no control may at times occur due to public holidays, industrial disputes and postal delays.

Dispatch will be by first class postal delivery within the United Kingdom and by air mail to all other international destinations. There will be various charges for this as outlined on the purchase page depending on the destination address.

3. The Land Plots (Summary)

  1. The Plots are for souvenir, novelty and gift purposes only and cannot be registered with the Scottish Land Register. Plots are not fenced, ringed or in any other way individually marked. Each Plot is to be retained in its natural state for conservation exclusively
  2. No buildings, masts, tents, caravans, or other structures of any kind whatsoever can be placed on or near the plots and no item of any kind can be buried in the plots or surrounding land.
  3. No business activity of any form or development initiatives can take place on the plots: all such activities being precluded in accordance with local authority regulations and by the terms and conditions of purchase listed in the Agreement Document 001
  4. All rights, entitlements. responsibilities, obligations and conditions are set out in the Lease Agreement presented as Document 001 in the Land Pack delivered in hard copy to all purchasers
  5. The purchase of a Bandrum Plot does not confer, or imply to confer, any rights of domicile or any other rights of, or claims to, residence within the United Kingdom.
  6. Up to a maximum of 5 plots can be purchased in any one name. However, Land Sales Direct cannot guarantee that all plots purchased will be attached to each other.
  7. No motorized vehicles, bikes or other wheeled objects are permitted on the Plots or surrounding properties
  8. All purchasers visiting the plots must use the path indicated in the Land Pack and Owners Guide.
  9. All Purchasers visiting the Plots and surrounding lands do so totally at their own risk.

4. Returns

You must tell us you wish to cancel your order any time up to 7 days after the receipt of goods. The goods must be returned to us within 21 days of your telling us that you wish to cancel. Delivery costs associated with the return of goods will not be covered by Land Sales Direct. Goods must be returned in their original condition, with all seals and packaging intact. After we have received the goods, we will credit your debit card or credit card with the full purchase price of the goods returned (less post and packaging) no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the returned goods. Please note that no returns will be considered if the password has been used or accessed. If you cancel your purchase, all rights pertaining to your lease of the land plot will automatically cease, the plot will be given to another purchaser, and you will have no more rights or privileges in respect of the Bandrum Land Plots.

5. Other Terms and Conditions

A full set of terms and conditions relating to the purchase of the Bandrum Land Plots will be included in the land pack documentation